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Who is Lou? 

My name is Lynda but I am known as Lou and I just love jewellery.  I made the decision to start creating upcycled and refashioned jewellery pieces as a testament to that love whilst wanting to do my little bit for the environment.  I work with mainly vintage metal objects and transform these into unique, beautiful, quirky and fun jewellery pieces.  

I firmly believe that jewellery is a form of self-expression which enhances inner beauty and empowers you to be you.  Those who know me see this expression through the jewellery I wear.  I like to wear pieces that are distinctive and are a conversation starter where I can tell my story behind the piece.  I hope that you love my designs and enjoy wearing my pieces just as much as I do.  Jewellery brings happiness to my life.  I want to share this happiness with you through LOUPAUL.