Resin Jewellery

Resin was originally developed as a manufacturing material and comes in both synthetic and natural formulations. Resin refers to compounds in liquid form that harden under heat, light, or other setting agents. When hardened, resin is incredibly strong and can add a translucent or opaque layer of colour. For this reason, resin has become a popular in  jewellery making.

Resin can be used to create beads, earrings, pendants, charms, and more. The process for making resin jewellery depends on the type of jewellery and the design. In general, this consists of combining liquid resin with hardener while creating the desired design and colours. Usually, the resin and other elements are poured into a mould to harden into the desired shape. Then, once the resin pieces are finished, the jeweller will begin to attach them to jewellery wire or other adornments.

In some cases, the designs are created by simply mixing together different colours of resin or adding dye to the resin. Colours can be suspended inside translucent or opaque resin or opaque. The most common design of resin jewellery is suspending decorative elements or objects inside of clear resin. Almost any small object, such as dried crystals, metals, glitter, can be encased in resin.